DIY Anthropologie!

Anthropologie has always been one of my favorite stores to shop and find inspiration.  While aimlessly wandering through a vanilla-scented aisle a few months ago, I stumbled upon the following holiday decor... Blog2Anthro









So cute!  So, expensive!  Absolutely no offense to Anthro, but $28?  I could do that myself at home.... So I did!

$2.36 later, voila....


All you need is a glue gun, a Ball jar, fake snow, 3 minutes of free time, and trees from a model train set or miniature home display.  Hint:  Do not glue the trees directly to the lid, it will come off.  Place some masking tape or a paper label on the lid first.

Now I am getting all kinds of ideas for Ball jars and upcoming holidays, stay tuned...