Revisiting Childhood at Kits and Kaboodle!

Does anyone remember how much fun it was to visit Kits and Kaboodle at the "old" Fashion Mall?  You know, before Saks 5th Avenue, the Apple Store, and sushi?  My parents will tell you they spent the equivalent of a month of their lives in the store while my sister and I "browsed".  Kits and Kaboodle Classic Toys has long since moved to their current location at 146th and 31, and they are still fun and fabulous!  KitsandKaboodle

Their toys are safe, unique, and earth-friendly, and they offer free gift-wrapping complete with perfectly curly-cued ribbons!  Also, they are right around the corner from Handels Homemade Ice Cream and Yogurt which sounds good since I am so cold, a little caramel crunch ice cream couldn't hurt anything. 


Winter is the perfect time to visit a friendly local toy store or a cozy cafe.  Get on out there and enjoy!StayWarmSign