Your Best Cleanse

As Winter 2013 seems to be dragging on, and on, and...ok, we get it! I have decided to take a break from obsessively organizing my drawers and cabinets and work on something a little more insides. As in, my internal organs. I think they could use a little organization! I purchased the Whole Foods 365 Complete Body Cleanse. The kit includes 3 different types of herb-based pills and suggestions on diet and water consumption. I was told by the friendly associate at Whole Foods that this particular cleanse was "gentle". After she mentioned that a few times I became very concerned about all the other options that were "less gentle". I never really had the courage to ask what she meant, but I drew my own conclusions.  So I embark on 14 days of clean, natural foods, a bunch of pills, a lot of water, and a really bad caffeine-withdrawl headache.  Fortunately, Husband is participating too so our morning conversation can turn to things like, "how about that liver cleanse pill?" or "how good was that raw pepper casserole?" 

I will keep you posted on my journey to detoxification!