Outdoor Summer Essentials!

Now that Summer is finally here, we try to spend as little time indoors as possible. That means we are coming and going, in and out our back door, constantly. To save ourselves from a pool playdate with no swim trunks or an evening cookout that leaves us looking like we are suffering from leprosy after a mosquito attack, I have a few no-fail solutions.  Well, sometimes I fail.  But, for the most part we leave home and return in one piece.  I try to keep my summer essentials easily accessible in a shoe organizer inconspicuously hanging on the wall behind the mud room door. SummerOrganizerSummerOrganizer2 Here are the top 10 items to keep close to your back door this summer...

1. Sunscreen

Duh.  2. Bug Spray


This is my favorite.  It is organically derived with a pleasant eucalyptus scent.  It doesn't feel oily or sticky on your skin either.  Available at Whole Foods. 3. Swim Necessities

Keep swim suits rolled up in the shoe organizer and ready-to-go along with swim diapers and sets of clean clothes.

4.  Citronella candles and lighters or matches.

5.  Fireworks

Must include "Whipper Snappers".  I have done extensive research and thus far can report no injuries.  Conclusion - toddlers love whipper snappers. Please be sure an adult is in charge of any fireworks that require a spark.

6.  Glow Sticks

Somehow these never get old.  If they do, cut off the tips and put them in a closed container of water to make glowing lanterns.  Old water bottes work great!

7.  Spray bottles filled with water

Pick up as many as you can from the "dollar section" at Target because they will break. I don't know why spraying concrete, plants, each other is so fun, but it is.

8.  Buckets and paint brushes

Again, I am not sure of the science of why this offers hours of entertainment, but painting the concrete is fun.  Cleaning the driveway is fun.  Painting trees is fun.  Wiping away bird poop is fun.

9.  Money.  Cash money.

You do no want to be caught without a dime when the ice cream truck rolls through your hood.  So stash some dollar dollar bills yo.  I keep some in the shoe organizer, thus I can grab and run to the treat truck! 10. A bag already loaded with snacks

Keep a bag at the back door already loaded with snacks and juice boxes.  Then when you are heading out in a hurry, just grab whatever items you need from your Summer essentials buffet.

Hope you can enjoy a safe, relaxing, and stress-free Summer!  Have fun!