Zoku and Roku. The Toys of Summer.

With the Midwestern forecast calling for the 90s and a baby growing in my belly, the only things that sound at all desirable are an ice-cold slushy and hours of uninterrupted couch time.  The latter may be a bit hard to achieve with 2 boys pillaging my TV room, but thanks to a genius little product by Zoku, I can indulge in a slushy whenever my heart desires. Zoku3

This product is carried at Williams Sonoma, www.williams-sonoma.com,  and retails around $19.95.  Simply keep in your freezer, pour in your favorite beverage, use the included spoon to scrape as the liquid freezes, and 8 minutes later...voila!  Your own little slushy magic!  If you are pregnant and haven't tried this product, you are crazy!  If you are married to a pregnant person and haven't poured your adult beverage in this product, you are really crazy!  Here are some of my favorite slushy beverage ideas....

Chocolate Milk - It's like a Wendy's Frosty

Flavored Sparkling Beverages

Margarita Mix or Bud Light Lime-A-Rita

V-8 V Fusion Plus Almond or Soy Milk -  A sneaky and easy fruit smoothie for the kids

Root Beer or Dr Pepper - And please don't be shy, add a little ice cream

Water - Seriously if you are nauseous as I was or a family member is sick, so soothing!

Lemonade - Duh.

Be Your Own Bartender - Next summer I will be pouring in the rum and pina colada mix.

*The Zoku Slush Maker will only freeze to perfection with full sugar beverages.  So sorry Diet Coke addicts, you are just going to have to go for the real thing.


So really all I need to get through the final stretch of summer is a slew of refreshing slushies, and the commercial-free technical majesty that is Roku. http://www.roku.com

Cable has been really disappointing lately.  Except of course for HGTV and E.  We haven't really turned the TV on all summer, except for the end of the day when I collapse on the couch.  So it is goodbye cable, hello Roku.  Thousands of shows and movies for under $10 a month, Netflix, no commercials, and television series that I can become totally addicted to!  Please let me suggest you do not watch the first episode of Lost the night before you spouse flies out on a business trip.  Otherwise, I have logged many successful hours of couch time with Breaking Bad, Downtown Abbey, National Geographic, and now I am on to House of Cards.

While the boys are romping in the sprinkler and swinging their baseball bats, I am content with a little air conditioning, a slushy, and my Roku remote.  Soon, the leaves will be falling and the football games starting, but for the next 25 days I will be enjoying my toys of summer.