Easy Easter Decor!

Even though it looks like northern Canada out my window, I will not let this snow put a bump in my Spring decorating!  Here is an easy and completely FREE Spring decor idea... 20130325-141213.jpg

Paint samples are free and SO colorful!  I just love paint samples and I know that the employees at Lowes cringe when they see me headed toward the paint department.  "She's baaaack!!!  We are going to be wiped clean again!"

Choose your paint palette, take your free samples and trace an egg shape, and cut.


Hole punch 2 holes, side by side.  Then weave twine or ribbon throught the holes.


Hang and voila!  I used my favorite empty Goodwill frames ($2.99 each), but these little eggs would look great strung anywhere, a mantle, front door, or even scattered for a table setting color pop!



Happy Easter and Happy Spring, eventually.