Find Your Zen. Or, at least try.

Lately, I have been getting up a little early and practicing yoga in my garage.  Yes.  My garage.  Other class members include 2 John Deere tractors, a Cozy Coup, a diaper pail, a little tikes basketball goal, a recycling bin, an array of summer insects, and a cup of coffee in my favorite mug.  So, the surroundings may be lacking a bit in the relaxation department, but I see it as a familiar metaphor to finding a moment of zen in my busy life.  A little 2' X 5'8" piece of rubber tranquility in a big 'ol crazy day.  I choose my garage over any interior rooms because I can hear the summer morning birds, and not the ding of the dryer. YogaStudio

My new morning ritual has very positively affected my mood, my mindset, and my tendonitis.  I used to always tell myself, "I will never have enough time!" when I had one kid.  Then with two kiddos, "I guess I will get back to my yoga when I'm 50!"  Lately, I have needed moments of clarity and peace more than ever.  So, I declared a promise to my sanity!  No big expectations, just 20, 10, 5 minutes of Me time each day.  It is not an option, just as I don't decide each day if I will make my kids breakfast or not.  I prefer early morning yoga, but some days I have to substitute with a nap time book, or an evening prayer.

My private yoga classes boasted much better views while on vacation this year, and the benefits were the same.  As you probably know, vacation with toddlers is a different kind of vacation.  So you need moments to yourself to relax and try to find that "vacation feeling" you remember from your early twenties.


The commitment to give myself a "time out" each day has made me a better wife and mom, on most days, not all.  It isn't much, but it is a start!  My nest has seemed a little more peaceful these days.  I have never seen mama bird do a "downward dog", but I hear her each morning, away from her nest, singing her morning song.