Adventures in Decorating...


"The painters are like magicians!" I concur, Big Brother!  They are indeed!  And these magicians transformed our house with a wave of their magic brushes.  The morning we closed on our new home, Bo and Ramon were already waiting on the front porch, ready to tackle this big job of painting... everything.


It is always said that "the easiest way to makeover a room is with paint".  True. In theory.  Not so much when there is more pine in a home than there are walls.


Baby Girl and I had a blast putting together our and color pallet.  I'm not so sure the painters were quite as thrilled when they saw my design board.


The Brothers and I smoothed things over with weekly treats; Jimmy Johns, homemade cookies, and my Dad often stopped by with surprises for the contractors too!  They were, after all, magicians.   First, they began by sanding every inch of trim, door, cabinet, mule post, hand rail, you get the idea.  We pulled up the old 1986 carpet to help speed the process.  Then came primer, and then the paint.


The Brothers and Baby Girl and I came to the house every day to marvel at the progress.  And little by little the pieces of cocoon fell away, and the transformation was revealed.



And then... I became obsessed with painting anything I could get my hands on.  Brick, air vents, old vases, brass, even bar stools from Target weren't safe.  I was often seen aimlessly wandering the house with a can of Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze in my hand, hunting for my next victim.


The kids had fun new activities, like... sanding and priming.


A little leftover paint and some fun distressing transformed these $15 Target bar stools...


Then I locked myself in the pantry to paint it.  Literally.  They were installing carpet and kept walking by with roll after roll of materials.  So, I spent my afternoon in a tiny little closet full of sticky August air and paint fumes.  Totally healthy, I'm sure.


It was a whirlwind summer!  We would actually grow bored if we weren't expecting the carpenter, plumber, electrician, carpet guys, granite guys, painters, or anyone from Lowes.  It was quite the adventure.  Common things heard echoing through these halls... "How are we going to fit the oven in? We are going to have to cut that granite!"

"Why are you closing the garage door on the minivan?"


"How many men does it take to move a concrete block onto a trailer?"


"Ummmm, why doesn't the dryer even turn on?  It's brand new right?"

"You expect me to poop in this bathroom?  There isn't even a door!  What kind of house did you and Daddy buy?"

Never dull.  Always fun!  And, always an adventure in progress...

Playroom Before and After

Q:  Parents of toddlers, where do you spend the most time?  Besides the kitchen sink. A:  The Playroom!!!

I recently had the opportunity to work with a Carmel family that moved here last year from Chicago.  They asked me to "dress up" their first-floor playroom which is visible from their foyer and family room.  We transformed the room into a fun, neutral, and functional play space!


Playroom Before

The inspiration...


Neutral wall colors with a pop of sage green, and bright orange accents added just enough color to make the room playful.  A custom canvas display surrounded by floating shelves filled the big, empty wall.

PlayrooomCanvasPlayroom Canvas Gallery

Neutral curtains frame the windows while still letting in sunlight!


And, of course, storage, storage, storage!


A combination of creativity, the "Dollar" bins at Target, Ikea, and Jo-Ann Fabrics dressed up this play room while staying budget-focused.  Play on little ones, play on!

Easy Easter Decor!

Even though it looks like northern Canada out my window, I will not let this snow put a bump in my Spring decorating!  Here is an easy and completely FREE Spring decor idea... 20130325-141213.jpg

Paint samples are free and SO colorful!  I just love paint samples and I know that the employees at Lowes cringe when they see me headed toward the paint department.  "She's baaaack!!!  We are going to be wiped clean again!"

Choose your paint palette, take your free samples and trace an egg shape, and cut.


Hole punch 2 holes, side by side.  Then weave twine or ribbon throught the holes.


Hang and voila!  I used my favorite empty Goodwill frames ($2.99 each), but these little eggs would look great strung anywhere, a mantle, front door, or even scattered for a table setting color pop!



Happy Easter and Happy Spring, eventually.

DIY Anthropologie!

Anthropologie has always been one of my favorite stores to shop and find inspiration.  While aimlessly wandering through a vanilla-scented aisle a few months ago, I stumbled upon the following holiday decor... Blog2Anthro









So cute!  So, expensive!  Absolutely no offense to Anthro, but $28?  I could do that myself at home.... So I did!

$2.36 later, voila....


All you need is a glue gun, a Ball jar, fake snow, 3 minutes of free time, and trees from a model train set or miniature home display.  Hint:  Do not glue the trees directly to the lid, it will come off.  Place some masking tape or a paper label on the lid first.

Now I am getting all kinds of ideas for Ball jars and upcoming holidays, stay tuned...