Coastal Retreat! My Budget-Savvy Summer Porch Makeover!

I am totally one of those sand-loving beach people.  I'm a sucker for starfish.  A pushover for palms.  The problem is ... I live in central Indiana.  So, I am landlocked. When I ask for salt, it's to melt the ice on my driveway, not for my margarita.  Not so good when you love sunshine, and sand, and balmy breezes. BUT, when summer does come around, there is nothing better than pretending my backyard is beach side, or lake side, or just slightly tropical.  On the wish list for my new home - a coastal-themed retreat!

Here is the before...

Yikes!  Not exactly what I had in mind for a soothing "beachy" retreat.  So, here is the plan to transform this functional 3-season room into my perfect coastal-inspired paradise for UNDER $1200!!!!

  • Step 1 - New Paint
  • Step 2 - New Flooring
  • Step 3 - A functional TV Stand (Cuz, duh, I'm going to watch TV at "the beach")
  • Step 4 - Beachy Curtains
  • Step 5 - Furniture
  • Step 6 - Coastal decor

First we painted the most-boring white walls in the world Anew Gray by Sherwin Williams. We painted the vaulted ceiling as well to accentuate the height and airy feeling of the porch.

Next step; new flooring!  We ripped out the old, musty, white carpet and installed a durable gray-washed laminate flooring.  It's inexpensive, easy-to-clean, and no one will get upset when I forget to close the windows and a thunderstorm rolls in.

While on the hunt for a functional TV stand with storage, I ran across this little gem at Goodwill.  Perfect? No. Potential? Yes.

Good thing I have a storm trooper and Captain America in his pajamas to help me update this $5 vintage cabinet!  

My husband (a fellow beach-lover) has always wanted some long, breezy curtains just like the ones at Tommy Bahama, one of our favorite Florida restaurants.  If you are really serious about moving closer to the beach, you can find your perfect coastal home here!  Otherwise, save up for a real beach house and just find some beachy curtains on  Voila...

I grabbed some clearance outdoor furniture, spray-painted an old end table and cocktail table with Rustoleum to match, and tied it all together with an outdoor rug from Tuesday Morning!

Next - Decor!

A vintage Pepsi cooler that my father-in-law gave us is the perfect place to stash towels and outdoor supplies.  Plus, it can double as an extra seat or side table!

A little twine + my starfish collection, and these party lights are coastal!


The whole fam is enjoying our coastal retreat!  Was that the waves rolling in?  Oh, it was just someone flushing a toilet.  Well, if I am going to watch another episode of Peppa Pig out here, somebody better get me a drink!  Cheers!  From the "beach".