A Little Project Therapy

Everyone needs therapy.  Some people need a mental health professional, counseling, or heavy medication.  I need a staple gun.

The 'Project List' for my home has about 37 items listed.  That's 37 opportunities for me to sand something, paint something, rip something out of a wall, or staple something.  Ahhhh.  Now, that sounds like some much-needed therapy.  The problem is... time.  I keep putting off a little "project therapy" until, "the office is organized, the laundry baskets are all empty, the garage is clean".  And thus, certain household responsibilities take away from my therapy time.  But, Mama must take care of Mama too!  Or you will all suffer!!!  Just kidding.  Sort of.

A friend gave me a tip that there were some cute sage decor items at Sur La Table. (I obsessively buy anything "sage".  Sage is my 2-year-old daughter's name)

A few days ago I found myself with about an hour left of free time and I literally ran in to SLT.  There they were!  Adorable flour sack kitchen towels calling out to me, "Buy us! Staple us! Staple us!"  Within minutes I had purchased a few sets (they were on sale, yeah!) and I was back in my minivan peeling out and heading to Michaels.  5 minutes later I was loading plain canvases into my car and heading home.  I was super-excited for some therapy, but simultaneously terrified because I couldn't remember where my staple gun was.  Where did I put it last? Now I was sweating.  Tick tock, tick tock.  Only 40 minutes left until I go back to being "Mommy"!!!  I raced into my house, located my staple gun and let the project therapy begin...

This is exactly what I needed!!! Sometimes even red wine can't do the trick! I stapled away madly, losing track of time. 20 minutes left?!  That's it???  I was in a fury!  It was like American Craft Warrior!  And then, with just a few minutes left, project complete!

Ahhhhhh. All better now.  And... back to being Mommy.  Revived, refreshed, a better Mama!  Later, once the kids were all in bed, I started aimlessly wandering the house, looking for things to staple.  My project therapy had felt so great to complete, I had to find something else!  At one point, my husband had to remove the staple gun from my sweaty clutches and tell me to give it up for the day.  So true.  Therapy can be exhausting.  So, I went to bed, satisfied with my mission for tomorrow... get out my next favorite tool, a hammer, and find somewhere to hang them.