Method Tomato Vine Hand Wash = A+ Product Review

I have a new summer crush... Method Tomato Vine Hand Wash! Method Hand Wash

I have to admit, I originally chose this product because of the cute packaging.  So, it coordinates with my kitchen decor!  I also have always been very impressed with Method products.  They are naturally derived, effective, and smell fabulous!  But, my new crush, Tomato Vine, smells like summer, sunshine, green grass, popsicles, picking out fresh Indiana tomatoes with my Dad at a roadside produce stand... You get the idea.  Even my 3-year-old announced that, "Mommy, this new soap smells SO good!  Mmmmm, I like it.  Thank you for getting it for us."  Look, this soap even brings out spontaneous manners!

I also like that this is NOT an "anti-bacterial" soap.  I have been following the latest research that anti-bacterial and anti-microbial soaps do more harm than good.  In addition to aiding in the rapid growth of antibiotic-resistant super-bugs, they are responsible for eliminating the "good bacteria" that is present on human skin.  This bacteria aids in supporting our immune system and defenses.  There have been additional links to allergies, they contain chemicals, so on and so on.  So I have decided that unless I am scrubbing up for surgery, I am going to stick with good old-fashioned soap!  Like Tomato Vine!

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Happy Summer!