Recording The Memories

"Mommy, if you leave pancakes in the microwave too long they will turn into bacon.  I see it happen all the time." -Parker, May 10, 2012, Age 2 3/4

I would never have remembered this funny, poignant little quote from my oldest if it hadn't been for my trusty memory calendar.  You do it all!  Dishes, meals, groceries, work, diapers, bills, and an occasional shower.  And of course, you have time to record all the hilarious, beautiful, and amazing things your kids do each day!  No?  Right, so I didn't either until I tried this easy trick to force myself to write down all the little memories that I will soon forget.  A black and white calendar(available for around $10 at OfficeMax) placed in the space you use the most.  In my case, I hung my calendar on the inside of my dish cabinet right next to my sink.  I must open that cabinet 99 times a day!  Attached is a multi-colored pen to correlate with each family member.  Blue for Johnny, pink for Jane, and so on...


Every time something memorable happens, I do my best to get it recorded.  When things get crazy, I just force myself to sit down for 10 minutes and record the week's milestone events.  There are some great apps for this type of thing, but to me, nothing beats an actual tangible memory that I can hold in my hands.  I look forward to the day that my kids can flip through the calendars together hysterically laughing about the magical pancakes that turn into bacon!