Happy Heart Day!







I have always loved Valentine's Day.  Sure, it is a silly little holiday, but it seems a perfect excuse to celebrate something in the middle of the bleak month of February.  And who doesn't need a reason to drink some red wine and indulge in some chocolate cake?

Poor St. Valentine didn't have such a great day celebrating. February 14 is the 1,743 anniversary of his death by clubbing and be-heading.  This doesn't sound very romantic.  Legend says that on the eve of his execution he penned a farewell letter to his jailer's daughter, "From Your Valentine".    Hours later he was killed for refusing to denounce his faith.  So it is pretty romantic after all, a man so committed that he stands for what he believes in to the death. 

Modeled after St. Valentine's final secret note we exchange cards, flowers, and chocolate.  By "we" I mean other people, because the Husband and I usually eat Mexican, but whatever.  What is more romantic than taking two toddlers out for enchiladas?  I am happy to celebrate a day surrounded by the people who I love so much that I would proudly stand for them, to the death.

Happy Valentine's Day!