New Year, New Blog

2013.  Wow! What happened?  Wasn't it just a few years ago that we were preparing for Y2K?  Oh, so it was 13 years ago, okay, got it.  Maybe all of those diaper changes have muddled my concept of time.  2012 was a little chaotic for me, so I have been really counting on 2013 to be a fabulous year.  Not even the number "13" was going to deter my positive thinking.  That was until on New Years Day our heater started acting quirky, the cable went out, and the smoke detector decided to go off during nap time, twice! We weren't even 14 hours into the new year!  Okay, so maybe now I was getting a little nervous....  Laughter.  That is how we roll.  How could I not laugh while standing on the arm of our couch fanning the smoke detector with a sleep-deprived toddler screaming, "Why are you doing that noise!? Whyyyyy!?"  How could I keep a straight face while my husband cursed the cable gods who had robbed him of his day on the couch watching football?  I mean, it's funny my family is wearing 23 pounds of fleece indoors, right?  Eventually the heat kicked on, the cable guy arrived and promptly restored our signal, and the toddler fell into a deep slumber after I explained that Mommy had burnt about 12 pounds of nachos in the oven and that the smoke detector(or a cardiologist somewhere) was not very happy about that.  Clearly you can draw your own conclusions into what is not my New Year's resolution.


My New Year's resolution is to DO!  Whatever it is that I have an excuse for, I am just going to DO it!  Chop my hair, run the Mini, write a blog, whatever!   I am going to work on my nests, the one that has a roof and the one deep inside, my soul.  I am going to DO my passion... I love to help others with their homes, babies, and un-locked creativity.  I love sharing ideas, stories, and bottles of wine.  I love connecting, learning and growing.  I am going to write.  I do not have a schedule or perfect grammar, but I do have internet access and a sense of humor.  So "Cheers" to new years, new blogs, and new friends!

From my nest to yours, Happy New Year!  2013, I think I like you already!